Competing Quadrants of the Competing Values Framework

According to Cameron et al (2014), one function of the Competing Values Framework is to help leaders find ways to capitalize on the strengths of opposite quadrants and to think in ways that give rise to transformational thinking (p. 66). This new pattern of thinking, acknowledging the presence and necessity of paradox, is similar to what the Apostle Paul refers to as metanoia (transcending mind) or the renewing of our minds in Romans 12:2.
Using two competing quadrants of the Competing Values Framework, write a paper demonstrating your knowledge of the appropriate leadership behaviors that emerge from the integration of positive opposites from those two quadrants. These positive opposites are brought to mind by highlighting the tensions inherent in the diagonal quadrants of the framework which leads to new ways of thinking about leadership (Cameron et al., 2014, p. 84). Be sure to address how these new behaviors create value within an organization through “both/and” thinking.
Be sure to include Biblical integration with at least 5 – 7 scholarly references. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font.
Length: 4-5 pages of content (not including cover and reference pages). APA is required.