Kraft Heinz string cheese factory in Loweville, NY.

Discussion: The following link is to a recent article about a Kraft Heinz string cheese factory in Loweville, NY. Be sure to also read the links imbedded in the article for more reference information.String Cheese is Threatening this New York Town’s Water Supply, Vice news, Jun 7, 2019, retrieved Jul 12 from: Saylor text Ch 14 provides 5 environmental positions. The text also provides the following models and frameworks for a business approach to the environment and sustainability. Approaches: accelerate and innovate, monetize and count, express corporate responsibility.
You must read the Chapter 14 thoroughly to address the questions of the Learning Activity.From the perspective of the manufacturer Kraft Heinz:Select the approach/approaches you would recommend for Kraft Heinz.
Support your selection by accurately defining and explaining the approach.
Describe which of the 5 environmental positions you espouse. The definitions must be accurate and based upon our text.
Explain how the approach and positions relate to ethical theories we have studied.