Management Essay

1. How do the book chapters describe the use of money (e.g., wages, bonuses) as a reward? What about the use of other types of rewards to motivate people?  Discuss how the case compares to your own personal experience at work (i.e., yourself or your coworkers being rewarded).

2. Describe what job crafting is and how it can be used to motivate employees. Provide a brief version of a job crafting exercise for your own job, including how it aligns with your motives, strengths, and passions. Describe a potential change in your job roles or description that would make it align better with your motives, strengths, and/or passions. 

3. Use book theory and the reading to describe a “Reward system” that you think would be successful in (a) getting people to collaborate with one another and (b) meet a set goal in your organization (or if you are not working – a business idea or potential profit/non-profit project). Describe how this reward system uses the notion of job crafting and a motivation theory concept.