strategic Thinking

Critically analyse the selected organisation by carrying out a PESTLE Analysis to provide a
strategic framework for understanding external influences on a business. Identify a potential
new strategy(s) from this.

  • Ensure that your PESTLE analysis is well researched with cited references within the
    text. Diagrams/Table may be used.
    (30% marks- approx. 600 words)
  1. Drawing on the PESTLE analysis results and new strategy(s), identify a core challenge(s) in
    implementing the new strategy.
  • Your answer should discuss the impact the challenge may have on the organisations
    vision, values and organisational objectives.
  • Identify their resources and capabilities to implement the strategy. (e.g. VRIO analysis)
    (30%- approx.600 words)
  1. Propose clearly justified strategic objective(s) and action plan to support the introduction
    and growth of the new strategy discussed above.
  • Make sure to identify the type of strategy (e.g. porters generic strategies)
  • Discuss how their resources and capabilities will help them achieve this
  • Discuss the impact on the organisation for implementing the new strategy
    (40%- approximately 800 words)
  1. Evidence of academic reading together with full and correct Harvard referencing is
    expected at level 6. It should be noted that an absence of theory to support the submission
    restricts the mark that can awarded. See marking criteria for indications.
  2. Professional business presentation with a clear structure throughout.