Topic 1: Opioid Crisis

Topic 1: Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis is making national news every day. And, tragically many of our families and friends are, have been, or might be touched by the epidemic. The following article from the NIH provides some statistical facts to support the crisis level claims.

Opioid Overdose Crisis, National Institute of Health (NIH) January 2019, Retrieved August 29 from:

The following articles provide additional current information of the crisis.

Purdue Pharma: Oklahoma Judge Shaves $107 Million Off Opioid Decision Against Johnson & Johnson. November 15, 2019 from NPR

State Attorneys General Reach A $26 Billion National Opioid Settlement  

For this discussion please address the following using concepts from the week’s readings and other ethical theories we’ve studied.

1. Describe what drug companies like J&J and Purdue would/could do to apply a Corporate Social Responsibility model to their governance. What actions would guide their responsibility to stakeholders? (Refer to our course stakeholder model)
2. Describe the level of responsibility of drug companies to consumers using concepts from this week’s reading of Saylor Ch12 – The Selling Office text material.
3. What level of responsibility do you espouse for drug companies? Support your position with key ethical concepts from throughout our course material.