Whataburger; Case Study

Identify the most important facts surrounding the case:  Summarize the case and list the key facts of the case.  Include:  what the company does, current revenues, profits, and other company facts as noted in the case.  This section should be no longer than one paragraph.

Identify the key issue or issues:  What are the key issues of the case?  What is the problem and what needs to be solved?  This section should be no longer than one or two paragraphs.

Specify alternative courses of action:  Three or four alternative solutions to the case should be listed here.  They may be listed as bullets or numbered.  Each must be described in a few sentences.  The alternatives should be different and can include “do nothing” if appropriate.  This should be about ½ page.

Evaluate each course of action:  This should be the most extensive part of the case analysis.  You will discuss the pros and cons of each alternative.  What will work?  What are the possible outcomes?  What problems exist with each alternative?  Discuss your assumptions. Why is one better than the other?  This should be about 1 page long. 

Recommend the best course of action:  Which of the alternatives is best?  Why?  Are other options good as well?  What do you recommend management should do in this case? This should be one or two paragraphs.

Update:  Look up current facts about the company.  Have they made good decisions since the case was written?  This should be about one paragraph.

References:  List the case and any sources you needed for the update.